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HD 650 - The New Sound Sensation from Headphone Specialists Sennheiser
Berlin/Wedemark, August 2003 - Sennheiser is to launch a new set of audiophile headphones at the IFA international consumer electronics fair in Berlin. With their HD 650, the company shows how headphones can sound even better than before.
For fans of high-end audio equipment, the ultimate in listening pleasure is to relax with their favorite SACDs - and a set of good
headphones. Now, their enjoyment of absolute music pleasure can be enhanced even further: the new HD 650 from microphone and headphone specialists Sennheiser will delight even the most demanding audio purist. Every detail suddenly becomes crystal clear, the sound comes alive, and your living room is turned into your own personal concert hall.
The name Sennheiser has for many years been synonymous with the ultimate in sound quality. Even with the successful HD 600, the innovative company from
Wedemark near Hanover impressed the media and hi-fi fans alike. For example, the readers of "Audio" Magazine gave the HD 600 the coveted "Golden Ear" award four times.
The new HD 650 extends the top of the range by a further set of open, dynamic headphones. Even more so than the HD 600, the emphasis is on expressiveness and emotion. Therefore, with the HD 650, the demanding high-end fan can now enjoy the ultimate in dynamic headphones, reminiscent of the delights of the legendary electrostatic Orpheus model. Experts are unanimous in their view that Sennheiser set the absolute benchmark with this luxurious
headphone/amplifier combination, which was made in a limited edition of only 300 and remains unsurpassed to this day.
Now, the launch of the HD 650 means that everyone can enjoy sound in all its perfection. In their quest to develop even better dynamic headphones, Sennheiser consulted high-end specialists, sound engineers and trade journalists. They even consulted internet forums to complete the picture. This intensive research revealed an interesting fact: that listening habits have changed. Today, people prefer to "feel" the music rather than to analyze it. The result was the HD 650 - headphones that captivate the listener with the ultimate in lifelike reproduction, while still maintaining absolute precision.
The HD 650 are headphones with a "soul" - inspiring Sennheiser to endow them with luxuriously rich basses and pleasantly natural trebles. The frequency response covers a range between 10 and 39,500 Hz. Sophisticated system damping and a reduced-resonance, compressed cellulose fleece serve to reduce standing waves in the diaphragm and provide an even more precise sound image, especially for bass sounds. Voice reproduction too is completely authentic. A specially developed acoustic silk with precisely
uniform damping properties reduces total harmonic distortion to an incredible 0.05% (1 kHz).
Music lovers can look forward to enjoying systems with the tightest of tolerances that have been hand-selected in pairs. Even the design of the headphones with their attractive finish in silver-titanium shades will make music fans' hearts beat faster.
The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sennheiser, Prof. Dr. J鰎g Sennheiser, himself a professor of electroacoustics, is justly proud of the new development. "The HD 650 is not simply a set of headphones - it represents our philosophy and our ambition to get as close as possible to natural sound."

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The title should be "hd650",not"hd605"

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柏林,2003年八月。 Sennheiser在柏林的ifa国际电子消费者展览会上发布了他们的全新耳机——hd650,其间,Sennheiser展示了该耳机比其以前版本的改进之处。
  对于追求设备完美的发烧友,听音的最终乐趣是从自己喜欢的唱片中得放松,还有就是拥有一付好耳机。现在,他们对纯粹音乐的乐趣将会更加强烈了,因为,出自耳机与麦克风专家sennheiser之手的全新hd650耳机将会让最苛刻的耳朵得到满足。 她对音乐每个细节都还原得如此清晰,她真实灵动的声音能让你感觉置身于音乐厅中一样。
Senheiser的总裁J鰎g Sennheiser博士,同时也是电子学方面的教授,对650这款新耳机大加赞赏道:“HD650无疑是这样一款耳机——它体现了我们对追求完美还原自然声的理念和理想!”

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very good!

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hehe, how much will it be? still cannot find it in Singapore. Dunno whether it is better than HD 600 or not. LOL

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how much?

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about 3500renminbi

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